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Vacuum cleaner for home
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Welcome to . In this blog, we will discuss some top 3 vacuum cleaner for home . To keep our house away from dirt, dust, sand and maintain a healthy environment . home vacuum cleaner is a very necessary weapon for every house. So it is very necessary to have this weapon in each of our houses. In this blog, we will discuss in detail about some top-rated vacuum cleaners available in the market. Which will help you make a decision in buying a vacuum cleaner. The topics we will discuss are key features, pros and cons, comparison of vacuum cleaners. Let’s begin.

1 – Agaro ACE Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

2 – Eureka Forbes Super Vac

3- Philips Power Pro

No 1 – Agaro ACE Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner for home

It is a multipurpose vacuum cleaner for home , its strong suction power of 21.5 kPa can quickly clean both solid particles and liquids easily. Its powerful blower function can easily remove the dust particles. Its 360 degree swivel wheel facilitates moving the unit. As a result, you can clean any place in the house very easily. Its jumbo size 21 liters waste collection bin, Which can clean large areas without emptying again and again. The total weight of this unit is 7000 gm, bring Agaro ACE wet and dry home vacuum cleaner to your home today with one year manufacturer’s warranty.

key Features –

  • Brand – Agaro
  • Body – Stainless steel
  • Tank- 21 liters
  • Dual cleaning option – Wet and Dry
  • Suction power – 21.5 kPa (kilopascal)
  • Special features – 360 degree four swivel wheels
  • 1600 Watts powerful motor
  • Power source – Electric Corded (5 meters)
  • Easy Mobility
Agaro Ace wet & dry vacuum cleaner


  • Powerful Cleaning- AGARO ACE Vacuum Cleaner has strong suction power (21.5 kPa) and a 1600W motor for effective cleaning.
  • Dual Cleaning- It handles both wet and dry cleaning tasks efficiently.
  • Effective Filtration – Equipped with a HEPA filter, it captures dust and allergens effectively.
  • Versatile Blower Function – The vacuum cleaner can also be used as a blower for outdoor tasks.
  • Quiet Operation – Operates at a low noise level (60 dB) for minimal disturbance.
  • Easy Mobility – Four swivel wheels allow for effortless movement in any direction.
  • Long Reach – The 5 meters power cord provides flexibility during cleaning sessions.
  • Warranty – Backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.
  • Reusable Dust Bag – The vacuum cleaner comes with a 3 liters dust bag for collecting dry dust, pet hair, and tough stains. You can easily empty and reuse it as needed.
  • Convenient Hose – The hose is easy to use with a 37 mm diameter that allows maximum airflow for cleaning large debris. It’s flexible for reaching distant areas and stays securely connected with a locking tab


  • Too Big for Small Spaces – If you have a smaller home, this vacuum cleaner might be too large
  • Noisy Operation – It makes a lot of noise when you use it.


In summary, the Agaro ACE Wet and Dry home Vacuum Cleaner is a versatile and powerful cleaning tool ideal for both wet and dry cleaning tasks. Its powerful 1600W motor ensures cleanliness, its HEPA filter efficiently captures dust and allergens. The blower function adds versatility for outdoor cleaning, and the long power cord and maneuverable design make it easier to use in different corners of your home.Overall, the Agaro ACE vacuum cleaner can be a valuable addition to households looking for an efficient and convenient cleaning solution

No 2 – Eureka Forbes Super Vacuum cleaner for home

Meet the Eureka Forbes Super Vac: Everyone’s smart choice for house cleaning.The Eureka Forbes Super Vac is a small, bagless vacuum cleaner designed for the modern home. It has a see-through dust tank and a modern cyclone system for powerful suction. Capable of cleaning both your home carpet and various types of flooring.This vacuum cleaner’s floor come carpet brushes are very handy for hard-to-reach spots. Very useful for cleaning any corner, gap, curtain, mattress and even gadgets like AC unit and microwave in your room.The Super Vac has a Vario power to adjust the suction level and an auto cord winder for easy storage. Clean and bagless design and easy-to-remove HEPA filter makes it a favorite companion for everyone.In short, the Eureka Forbes super vac makes house cleaning easier and more efficient, and you can take the Eureka Forbes super vac as your house cleaning companion to maintain hassle-free cleaning.

Eureka Forbes super vac

key Features –

  • Brand – Eureka Forbes
  • Body – Plastic
  • Special features – Automatic Cord rewind
  • Motor Horsepower – 1600 Watts
  • Dust Tank Capacity – 2 liters
  • Suction Power – 21 kPa
  • Item Weight – 5000 gm / 5 kg
  • Vario Power – The suction power controlled as per user’s need
  • Bagless vacuum cleaner featured with Cyclonic Technology
  • Vario Power – The suction power controlled as per user’s need


  • Bagless vacuum cleaner
  • 1600 Watts motor for powerful suction
  • Variable power control
  • Auto cord winder
  • 5 meters cord length
  • HEPA filter
  • Easy dust disposal – Dispose off the collected dirt and dust at the press of a button without dirtying your hands


  • The product is loud at 83 dB, which may irritate some users.
  • Slow service: Eureka Forbes is slow in solving problems or sending parts

Conclusion –

In short, the Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner is a top-notch product that comes with a powerful 1600 watts motor. Its cleaning power and ease of use make this vacuum cleaner the first choice for everyone. Live demo and instructional video provided by Eureka Forbes will help the customers to decide to buy it. Its variety of accessories and 5 meters cord make it suitable for both home and car. Eureka Forbes super vac is a compact, sturdy, and value for money product.

No 3 – Philips Power Pro ( vacuum cleaner for home)

Meet the Philips Power Pro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – the best friend to keep your home clean! Its super-powerful 1900W motor easily vacuums up dust and dirt to keep your floors sparkling clean. Its Power Cyclone 5 technology accelerates airflow in a cylindrical chamber to separate dust particles from the air.No more worrying about cleaning different types of floors, its multi clean nozzle is capable of cleaning everything, ensuring the best clean every time. Also, it is so compact and lightweight that it is very easy to use.Here’s the best part about it – it’s not just strong, it’s also super hygienic. With its allergy-friendly H 13 filter, which traps all the dirt, this vacuum cleaner is perfect for allergy sufferers who really want to keep their house clean.And its Turbo Brush is essential for getting rid of pet hair – it’s a game-changing vacuum cleaner! So get home cleaning made easy with the Philips Power Pro FC9352/01 today

key Features

  • Brand – Philips
  • Body – Plastic
  • Special features – Bagless, Lightweight, Wheels
  • Higher suction power with Cyclone 5 Technology
  • 1900 Watts powerful motor
  • Power cord length – 6 meters
  • Dust tank capacity – 1.5 liters
  • Noise level – 51 dB
  • Filter type – cloth
Philips power pro


  • The bagless design simplifies cleaning and requires minimal maintenance
  • very good build quality (Plastic)
  • Utilizing Power Cyclone 5 Technology, this device increases airflow within its cylindrical chamber, effectively separating dust from the air to ensure consistent high performance.
  • Designed for hygienic dust disposal, the easy-to-empty dust container allows for one-handed operation.
  • Featuring an Allergy H 13 filter, the fully sealed filtration system efficiently captures 99% of fine dust particles, including pet hair and dust mites.
  • With a 6 meters long cable, it can effortlessly clean the entire room without needing to search for a nearby plug
  • Recommendation – All types of floors
  • Item weight – 7 kg


  • The cord comes with a 16 amp pin, which usually does not fit into a standard socket and requires a specific power socket, such as the cord used for fridges and AC units.
  • It is slightly more expensive than other comparable products, although their suction power is much lower
  • 1.5 liter small dustbin, which is enough for 3 BHK house.

Conclusion –

Philips Power Pro is one of the top vacuum cleaners in the market, its 1900 watts suction motor is able to easily remove any dirt and dust in the house. Its power cyclone 5 technology and Allergy H 13 filter make it incomparable to others. If you have a dust allergy and have a pet at home, then this vacuum cleaner is made for you. Its price is a bit higher than others, but in all aspects it is able to perform at par with your price. Philips power pro is our first choice in this top 3 list. So don’t delay and bring home your new cleaning partner today.

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Quick Comparison

Best Seller 1
Agaro Ace wet and dry vacuum cleaner
Agaro Ace wet & dry vacuum cleaner

. Motor -1600 W
. Tank Capacity – 21 L
. Washable 3 L dust bag
. Special feature – 4 Swivel Wheels
. Colour – Black
. Weight – 7 kg

Amazon’s Choice2
Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner
Eureka Forbes Super Vac

. Motor – 1600 W
. Dust Tank Capacity – 2 L
. Special feature – Auto Cord winder
. Bag less cleaner
. Colour – Red and Black
. Weight – 5 kg


Our Choice 3
Philips power pro
Philips Power Pro

. Motor -1900 W
. Dust Tank Capacity -1.5 L
. Special feature – Bag less and wheels
. Colour – Blue
. Hygienic dust disposal system
. Weight – 7 kg

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